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Sharp PC-1500
Impressive, huh? It was 1983, and I was living on Long Island and working at an ad agency, fresh out of art school in Colorado. One of the agency's clients was a consumer electronics retailer in the city, and I had the account rep pick it up for me after a meeting. My interest in computers began around 1970, when ads for various computer kits appeared in magazines like Popular Science. During the 70s the graphic design industry was slowly undergoing a shift to digital production techniques... + read more
Marketing 101
Most advertising and marketing efforts, even new media campaigns on the web and social media, conform to decades-old, tried-and-true principals you can remember easily, and use to make decisions on how to make the most of your sales and promotion activities. I admit this info is basic, but it's an easy-to-remember starting point upon which to base your planning. What is marketing, anyway? Many marketing efforts fail right from the start. The reason? A failure to understand what... + read more
I've been Bing-ed!
I'm an internet star! Last summer (2011) I was mowing the lawn when an odd-looking car with a strange apparatus mounted on top came rolling down the block, then swung through the cul-de-sac we live on and back down the street out of sight. The car was covered with graphics featuring the logo for Navteq, and I did my best to look at it and smile. The picture here is one of the results — my 15 pixels of fame, if you will. After finishing the lawn, I went inside and Googled what happened... + read more
UPDATE: I've found a better, easier way to make a real loaf of bread. All you bread experts may have wondered why I didn't just make an Artisan Bread...that's because I didn't know! Now I do, thanks to America's Test Kitchen. The Rustic Loaf recipe was theirs, and I found this other recipe for a high-moisture content, practically no-knead, bake-it-in-a-dutch-oven Artisan loaf that is so much easier, and just as satisfying. It's the big pic now in this post. I... + read more
Arches National Park, Moab, Utah
Last year my wife and I bought a small, lightweight, pop-up camper, and began exploring the Rocky Mountain West a little farther from home. Until that time, most weekends we'd be up enjoying activities in the mountains on regular day trips, like hiking, biking, snowshoeing, skiing, and attending festivals and events. We thought it might be nice to linger a little longer and take our time. The trouble was, we only had 4 cylinder cars, and there was not much we could pull with them. We didn... + read more
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Sharp PC-1500
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