Marketing 101.

Marketing 101

Most advertising and marketing efforts, even new media campaigns on the web and social media, conform to decades-old, tried-and-true principals you can remember easily, and use to make decisions on how to make the most of your sales and promotion activities. I admit this info is basic, but it's an easy-to-remember starting point upon which to base your planning.

What is marketing, anyway?

Many marketing efforts fail right from the start. The reason? A failure to understand what marketing is all about. At EdOutWest, we'’ve developed a simple model of 3 parts that will help guide you to marketing success. Our method is easy to remember, and will give you a solid basis for planning, implementing, and evaluating the merits of any marketing or advertising plan. Just remember to start with these 3 things:

  1. Create a genuine offer.
  2. Tell as many qualified prospects as you can afford to about your offer.
  3. Develop a sales channel, and close the sale.

Part 1. Create a genuine offer.

A successful sales effort starts with a clear, concise, well-defined offer. Don'’t make your prospects do the work of figuring out what it is you are offering. And make sure your offer is genuine, offering real value to them.

Notice the first word, “create.” This is where the creative process really begins, the results of which are used later on to develop the marketing materials used in your efforts. A great, creative offer makes for a more exciting and engaging sales message.

Part 2. Tell as many qualified prospects as you can afford to about your offer.

Here'’s where we marketing and advertising folks come in. First, we determine who the target buyer is, your “prospect.” Next, we look for ways to reach as many of these prospects per dollar spent as possible. And, we craft a sales message and visuals that further target your offer to these potential customers. Our goal is to deliver the maximum amount of qualified prospects to your sales channel as possible. This sometimes requires some research and analysis. We've developed ways to do that inexpensively, and some methods to determine how much you should spend on your marketing efforts, too.

Part 3. Develop a sales channel, and close the sale.

Most advertising does not directly sell anything. It communicates a message, and compels the prospect to take the next step in the process: making contact. These leads must then call you, go to your store, visit your website, etc., in order for you or your sales personnel to close the sale and deliver the goods or services. You're plans must include ways for your customer to easily act on your offer.

That's that it?

No...there is one guiding principal you must also always keep in mind. Don't forget about The Customer.

Remember that your potential customers decide what's right about your offer, not you. Their actual needs or desires drive their behavior, not your need to succeed. They view your offer within a competitive landscape, and you'll only succeed if you deliver real value to them.

One more thing.

If something isn't working, stop doing it.

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