I've been Bing-ed!

I've been Bing-ed!

I'm an internet star! Last summer (2011) I was mowing the lawn when an odd-looking car with a strange apparatus mounted on top came rolling down the block, then swung through the cul-de-sac we live on and back down the street out of sight. The car was covered with graphics featuring the logo for Navteq, and I did my best to look at it and smile. The picture here is one of the results — my 15 pixels of fame, if you will. After finishing the lawn, I went inside and Googled what happened, and discovered it was probably shooting street-view images for Bing maps. In addition, I found out that the spinning mirror on the camera mount was capturing 3D information. Months later I checked Bing maps again and there I was!

If you're wondering, I am signing autographs.

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